String Instruments

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Strings Instruments
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Strings Care

At Home
Only the student should handle the instrument. If instrument is not being played, it should be stowed away in case.

When Traveling
Never leave an instrument in a vehicle! The heat may cause parts of the instrument to become unglued and separate, damaging the instrument.

Cleaning Your Instrument
Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down your instrument at the end of each session. Old handkerchiefs or a piece of a cotton t-shirt work. Wiping the instrument and bow prevents rosin, oil and dirt buildup, all of which will overtime damage the finish on the instrument. Never use chemical or store bought polishers or cleaners as these will damage the varnish. Students should only ever use a piece of dry cotton cloth.

Handling Your Instrument
Stringed instruments are very fragile and delicate. Careful handling by the neck should always be exercised, minimizing contact with the body of the instrument to prevent buildup of dirt and oils. The oils, sweat and dirt from hands will accumulate eventually damage the varnish. For the same reason, avoid contact with the bow hair when handling the bow. A good habit is to wash your hands prior to each playing session.

Never sit on or put your feet, books, or anything else on top of your cases! This will cause damage to the instrument!

Should you ever have questions on the care of your instrument, ask your Director!