The Children's Orchestra

Children in the orchestra playing violins
Instrumental Music Instructional Progression


Students entering the COPA Project in Kindergarten are provided with a ‘double dose’ of intensive music instruction each week as well as a Suzuki-based teacher-led session each day. Teachers on the Kindergarten instructional team receive weekly instruction from the Suzuki strings professional allowing the classroom teacher to support lessons and provide a more integrated learning experience. At the Kindergarten level, all students who attend The Conservatory School are exposed to intensive violin instruction. Students whose families choose to continue in the Orchestra Progression in the continuing grades, will experience the following sequence:

First Grade
Students in the first grade continue to work on their violin skills with twice weekly lessons and opportunities during the afterschool sessions.

Second and Third Grades
In the second grade, students have the opportunity to expand their musical leaning to include viola, cello and bass stringed instruments. The String Orchestra structure continues in the third grade.

Fourth and Fifth Grades

In the upper intermediate grades, students have the opportunity to expand to full symphony orchestra with the addition of percussion, woodwind and brass instruments.

Performance Opportunities
For all grade levels, students play in front of audiences as much as possible! This reduces the pressure of formal performance, and allows performing to become a natural part of their musical life. Students will frequently watch their fellow students perform, allowing them to both see and be inspired by the accomplishments of their peers.

The COPA Project offers many performance opportunities both in school and in the community. During the current school year, students performed in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and North Palm Beach as well as in competition at the Martin Luther King Jr. Performing Arts Competition. In-school performances include casual ‘carpet concerts’ for parents and other grade level students as well as more formal concerts including Boo Bash in October, Winter Arts Festival in December, Love and Music Concert in February, and the Spring Arts Festival in May.

All students at The Conservatory School are afforded the opportunity to participate in a musical ensemble. Students who choose vocal music or a recorder band receive instruction during the regular school day. Performance opportunities are also included in these musical areas.