Performing Arts

Students drawing with chalk, captioned Art + Dance
Performing Arts

Visual + Communication Arts

The Readers Theatre/Communication Arts program for grades K-7 focuses on developing fluency, by exposing students to the expressive qualities of stories and storytelling to interpret different forms of literary genres from poems to fairy tales. The creation of props, masks, and stage design will tie in with their visual arts curriculum.

Dance and Movement
Students will be exposed to Dance and Musical Movement experiences. An emphasis on Dalcroze Eurhythmics (DE) will be central to the program. DE is an approach used to foster music appreciation, ear-training, and improvisation while improving musical abilities. In this method, the body is the main instrument. Students listen to a piece of music and express what they hear through movement. This approach connects music, movement, mind, and body. In the intermediate grades, there is an emphasis on learning expression and composition through dance, and the elements of art in dance: space, time, and force.