Upper School

Fourth Grade - Student sitting against a wall, reading.
Fourth Grade

At TCS, readers are writers and writers are readers. We use a blended workshop model that combines the reading and writing units together. This encourages thinking that goes beyond basic literacy skills to develop children who are engaged and empathetic. Our goal is to create readers and writers who see the big picture and the interconnectedness of the world. All of the things we study and research have broader, real world connections. We seek to explore this in deep and authentic ways through the use of technology, arts integration, inquiry driven research, and music genre studies. We believe this approach to literacy instruction fosters a lifelong love of reading, writing, and communicating our passions as individuals.
In math, we take the foundation of deep number sense established in previous grades at TCS and expand them to develop real-world problem solving skills. Math can be found everywhere and naturally encourages students to see things in different ways and explain their thought processes as they solve increasingly complex challenges. In place of traditional drill and practice of facts, skills, and processes, students work individually and collaboratively to solve real world applications. We believe that there is not always one right answer to a problem and encourage students to defend their choices and strategies. The love and deep understanding of math = multiplied opportunities for success!
Science and social studies are not taught in isolation, but become an integral part of our other studies…for us it is all connected! The interesting and fascinating content of these subject areas makes for the most motivated readers, authors, mathematicians and innovators.

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